Today, October 24, 2021, we finalized new release for an HOA purchasing department called the Computer Aided purchasing Program, “CAPS”. The HOA’s purchase orders are applied as actual commitments against the HOA’s yearly budgets. The requirement also included creation of a new release of a utility called the budget import program (BIMP). These programs are built utilizing the standard Microsoft workstation program stack. CAPS is by far the largest system. It includes the implementation of a purchase order creation and print function, a receiving function, and an asset tagging function. Multiple people can utilize the application which is supported by a central SQL Server database.

The technical stack includes Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel, and utilizes .NET Framework 4.6.1. Deployment is accomplished using Microsoft’s System.Deployment which provides for the setup.exe capability on an internal network server in the HOA. The CAPS system is totally object oriented. It does however rely extensive use of stored procedures and occasional triggers to reduce the complexity of the C# code.

Configuration management is critical. We are utilizing “git” with a simple branching strategy of a main branch and a dev branch. When new requirements or additional frameworks come out an additional experimental branch may be set up. Dev is merged into main consistently. The branching and merging capabilities and rollback capabilities of git are outstanding. Finally for peace of mind, the code on all of our projects is staged and release tagged on GitHub.

The system has been in production for eight years.