Proposed HOA2 Changes

Most of you have seen the proposal from the Fitness, Wellness and Recreation Committee to the HOA2 Board of Directors to govern the clubs / organizations that wish to use HOA2 facilities. This proposal could have a very large impact on your club or instructional classes. If you have not yet seen it, the three forms that comprise the proposal are on this link.

There is a 30 day comment period in effect before the HOA2 Board will take action on the proposal. We would like to call your attention to a few concerns during this 30 day period.  Those of you who reside in HOA2 can comment on the HOA2 website, Others should mail your comments to the HOA2 Board, 38735 S. Mountain View Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85739 or drop them by the office at that address.

The following are possible concerns, you may see others:

1. The 2018 Clubs Information Form requires the your club to “attach a club roster with members’ names and contact information.” Most clubs guard membership rosters and most clubs By-Laws prohibit unauthorized use of the membership roster by anyone. The Members’ Roster is and should remain private.

2. The same form requires the clubs to disclose the approximate balance of funds. Financial matters of the clubs have no bearing on the use of the facilities and invade the privacy rights of an organization. This requirement should be dropped.

3. In order to be a Registered Club and be able to use HOA2 facilities (other than by paying full market value rent for the room and having no priority for room usage) clubs are being required to remove all nonresident members from membership rolls.

4. The proposal leaves questions unanswered. The “Tiers for Registered HOA2 Clubs / Organizations and Facilities Use” sets forth various Tiers under which clubs may fall. According to the tier structure, many clubs will no longer use meeting rooms for free. Instead, clubs will be required to pay resident level rates for the room use. The proposal states that the rental will be based on the number of members and the space size. Likewise, why doesn’t the use of food and beverage services by the club and by its members immediately following any meeting have some impact on the rent?

5. Another question not answered is whether a club can switch between Tiers throughout the year. If a club has one meeting when no outside attendee or nonresident attends, is rent waived for that meeting? Likewise, if a Tier 1 club has an outside attendee or nonresident attend one club meeting, does it pay rent for that meeting or lose its status for the whole year?

6. Also concerning is the final provision of the “Rules in Common” contained in the “Tiers for Registered HOA2 Clubs / Organizations and Facilities Use”, which states that violation of the facilities use policy will result in a two month suspension of a club’s right to use HOA2 facilities or a period determined by the HOA board. Who is the “policeman” looking for violations? What are that “policeman’s powers and are there limitations on that power? What if the violation is unintentional? Do violations require intent? Does the club have a right to appeal? What is to prevent either favoritism or punitive action in determining penalties? When the policy leaves so many unanswered questions about how guests, speakers, and the speaker’s guests are to be treated, leaving penalty determination open ended is unacceptable.

Click here to see and/or download the forms.